Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shopping Fun!

I had the shopping day that I had been looking forward to for a long time on Saturday.
My friend Jenn and I celebrated my birthday a few days early, with a day of shopping and even eating , lol. we started out day at 8 am with an hour of cardio, then at 11 we were on our way to shop. First stop The cheesecake factory for lunch. we both had a salad with grilled chicken, then we shared two pieces of cheesecake, can I tell you how yummy they were?? it had been months and months and months that I had tasted something so sweet and yummy. Then we went out to the mall and I got some jeans, I tried on a size 13 ( we were in a juniors shop) and they were too big, so I got an 11. A size 11.
We shopped for new makeup, and then for new bras, my new size . 36 DD . at my largest , I was a 48 H .
Back for more shopping for clothes, I wanted new capris, and tried on several that were a size 10, but none thrilled me just yet that were that size.I did get two more pairs in the JRs dept size 11 , and I got a couple of tops. I had to take back what I said over and over again, 'just cause you can shop in the Jrs dept, doesnt mean you should'. But that was the only place I could find anything I liked!! I also got a new purse .
I wanted so badly to buy more clothes, but knowing I am not at my goal weight yet is stopping me.
I will post some pics of the new outfits when I wear them and take them.

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