Sunday, February 21, 2010

it was a good week!

I broke thru that plateau FINALLY! that was a bitch, and I am happy its behind me.
But I also had a great run today. I have a 10k coming up in May, and my friend and I run every Sunday. I do short runs throughout the week, but Sundays are my long runs. Today we planned to do 6 hilly miles. when we got to the last hill, it was killing me and I had to walk the last half of it. around mile 4 my legs starting getting really tight. it really seemed like it was more than 6 miles. So when we were finished I got in my car and drove it. yeah it was 6.9 , almost 7 miles.
That is INSANE to me to think that I ran that! last summer I couldnt run 1 minute... I just ran 6.9 miles...

That was a good week!

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