Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello Plataeu

Nice to see you again. You have visited me before, and stayed for a month, But I do think your overstaying your welcome this time. Not that I didnt know you were going to show up plateau , I knew you would be coming, I just didnt want to see you just yet.
I knew this would happen, I knew that I would hang out with you for a while, and we would become , not friends, but well known to one another, I just didnt want to know you so well right now, I Was hoping we would get to know one another in about another 15 pounds or so.

Jan 24th was the last time I lost any weight. I took measurements on the 28th of Jan, and will take them again on the 28th of Feb. At that time , if nothing has changed, I will start freak out mode. untill then, I am doing my best to be ok with this visit, and keep doing what I have been doing for the past 14 months that has brought me such success. count all my calories, in and out, Spend at least 5 days a week working out, doing cardio and lifting weights, and running. I have had my trainer look at my food diary and I am following his advice, ( although, pat on the back for me, he didnt have much to critize ) . I will not let this visit from the "P" win .

Plataeu , You have overstayed your welcome, please go now....


  1. Right there with has been about three weeks for me...down 3 up 1 down 2 up 1 blah blah! Hate plateau!

  2. What an inspiration you are! I am not alone! I was feeling depressed because this is the longest plateau I've ever had. Today is the 27th day of up & down with 4.8 lbs! You look wonderful, keep up the good work!