Thursday, August 9, 2012

stop to a dead halt .

That is where I am. 
 A dead stop.
 No working out.
 Nothing. For a few weeks.
Not by choice, but by force.

 A torn gastrocnemius  ( calf muscle) .
 the cause ?  A jumping jack.  One.  HOW LAME IS THAT?
 it happened one week ago today, but I didnt go to the DR till this morning. The swelling, bruising , and pain not getting better, made me go.  

 I am now in a boot from toe to knee and they wished I would have taken the crutches as well, I thought I would probably break my neck with those and the boot , so I declined.    As I sit here and type my calf is in complete spasms . I think that is the worst part of it all.  those things suck.

 I feel like past 4 months have been  such a struggle, and just when I was getting things going and feeling good with my workouts again ( I had just completed month one of INSANITY when this happened) This setback has jumped in to say, " NOT SO FAST GIRL" ! I do not know what to do. People say " ohh do upper body, " ummm..... HI, I am still dealing with my shoulder injury from LAST DECEMBER.   so Upper body has taken a hit as well. now this.  

 I    am at such a loss.  I said to Scott tonight " I wonder if I can do hot yoga these next few weeks ?" he looked at me like I just asked him if we could go rob a bank, I got the  Are you F#*&ing me look, followed by " BABE, YOU CANT TO ANYTHING!"

I dont like that thought..... 


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  2. So sorry to hear that!! Hope it heals quickly!