Monday, August 20, 2012

almost 3 weeks out

this is hard to recover .. this is hard to understand that even though you FEEL like you can do something, and that you are all healed up, that you are not.   I think I had a set back last WED, I know I did , I thought I was feeling ok and I could do something, but I was answered quickly that I was  not, and should not.  so today , even though I can walk without feeling pain, I know better now to not do something .
  I have  been nursing a sore foot on my other leg as well, This pain started a bit before the injury, but since the injury it has totally flared it self up  ( I think the over compensating for the bad leg is the culprit )  its painful to walk, and swollen and red on the outer side of my foot. not sure but sounds like a stress fracture. I am having an xray on Thursday when I got  back to my DR for the muscle. I hope I am given the OK to get out of that darn boot! 
  So I really dont feel like I am any closer to getting back to cardio, I hope I am wrong.   in the meantime, after the 5 pounds I instantly gained after the first week, I have cut back on calories and carbs, and hope to see the scale move down soon,  I wouldnt mind the weight gain so much if it didnt all go to my waist and stomach,  but thats where it has gone, and I have no waist and more of a tummy.  trying not to get too frustrated and stay positive and keep it all in prospective ....

 trying is the key word.

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