Saturday, March 17, 2012

32 day challenge complete!!

 I completed the challenge, No Sugar, no Alcohol, and workout every day since FEB 13th. I had great results. I lost over 8 pounds, 2.5 inches from hips, 1 inch from waist, .5 from thighs and .5 from arms.  Best of all , the jeans that I wore last year on my birthday fit again! I was very upset when I tried them on in early FEB and I wouldnt leave the bedroom with them on they were so tight. I worked way to hard to gain anything back. the best part of the whole challenge was that I increased my calories, and I am so happy with that. I ate MORE calories and lost weight. think about that one for those who think the only way to lose weight is to starve and eat nothing.... I proved it wrong :)  I  ate about 1500 calories a day  and on most days kept my NET calories around 1000, I aimed for that ,but some days if I had a great workout , I just couldnt get there.  I have to Thank my Son Alec who talked me through the calorie thing and  made me see the light. :) I love him :)

 Here is a compare picture. From Last year March, and From Last night. Same jeans and all :)

 I want to Thank Roxanne and Megan from MFP who stuck it out through the whole challenge with  me and both had great success as well!!! Way to go Ladies! So glad to have had your company!!!

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