Friday, June 3, 2011

Group Health Picture is UP!

I got the OK today to post the pic, as long as I gave proper photo credits. so here we go. Photo credits by :

I LOVE IT!!! He did a great job, and they picked the perfect picture! Makes me very very happy!

I have a super busy week, ( what else is new) Graduation for Jake is on the 11th, and I have a ton to do.

First up, A Hike with Jake, Brett, and Sam , bright and early Saturday. I will post pics!


  1. Fabulous choice. I think this was my fave also. Gorgeous backdrop and gorgeous subject. Tami, you are an awesome woman and I'm proud to call you my friend!!


  2. Love the picture! You look so happy and full of energy. I also love that I know this trail (and the story behind getting the perfect shot). Too cool!