Saturday, June 18, 2011

A few things I have been thinking about

I have been thinking about this alot lately. and more so because of the feelings, and feedback I have been getting and feeling.
First and foremost, Most people are not this way, I really want to point that out from the start. This is NOT what I think of most people . BUT , the few that do feel this way, SOMETIMES really ruin it .

People are just waiting for you to fail.

pure and simple.

People are waiting to see you gain the weight back, and the second you do, they will for sure be there to point it out.

It has been 6 months since I reached my goal weight. And the 'world' has known it. I have been on national TV , telling everyone who watched how much I use to weigh, and how much I weigh now. I have this blog, I have a Facebook Fan page , sharing with anyone, my weight loss journey and woes, I am very open and public on all aspects of my weight loss. And because of that, I know, I have opened myself up to public criticism, and I am OK with that.

BUT, I am NOT OK with people waiting to see me gain the weight back. Guess what? Its NOT.Gonna. Happen.

I worked Too hard, for TOO long, to let that happen. It has become a lifestyle, this good way of eating and working out. I am not going to just sit my ass on the couch with a bag of Doritos and oreo's and a bottle of wine , night after night. ( Although , TRUST ME, it sounds VERY GOOD) . its just not going to happen, so you can stop wondering if I am " maintaining my weight" or if I am going to gain my weight back, cause I WILL WIN.

I am not going to lie, I gain and lose the same 5 pounds every month. It is HARD FRIGGIN work to stay at 143 pounds, and my body is not a fan of it. I have to be super perfect and right on, every day to stay there. and hello, I am anything but. BUT , that being said, I have maintained my size 6 , since Nov when I reached my goal weight. And I am SO OK WITH THAT!

I wish people were not so judgemental, but they are, I wish people were not waiting to see me gain all my weight back, but sadly, some are. I wish people were happy for what I have achieved, but sadly, some are not.

But its OK. Cause I am. I am so happy with what I have done, and I love the life I have made because of my weight loss.

So please, all you people waiting for me to gain weight back, Stop. I am going to win.


  1. Tami you are great and i for one am continuing to cheer you on as you live your amazing new life. You are a wonderful inspiration to me and I'm sooo glad we met on mfp. Thank you for being you.

  2. Tami,

    I, too, am a MFP friend so I don't know who you are seeing or talking to in your offline life. I have been at my goal weight several times in my life and gained all the weight back plus some. I know that, once you are at goal weight, people watch what you eat and you can see on their faces, "Is she eating that??" I know that you can sense their expectation (or fear, if they are close to you) that you will gain all the weight back. It drags on you and it can be very hard to fight, especially while you are already fighting your own fear and, as you say, your own body's desire to gain weight.

    So little is ever said about what it takes to maintain weight-loss. Hardly anyone ever tells you that reaching goal weight is JUST THE BEGINNING of the journey. It's so hard to just get to goal, I suppose no one wants to sound discouraging about how the really hard part is just starting.

    You are a very upbeat person so I know it's not part of your nature to complain. But I wish you would share more of the struggle you are going through in maintenance, as you did in this post. I am now where you were last summer - just a few pounds short of goal. Then you shared how hard it was to lose those last pounds, how tempting it was to stop just short of goal and how determined you were to make it. That has meant a lot to me and means a lot to me now.

    I know you are going to stay at goal. There is so much to learn from you. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Amen sister! Maintaining weight loss is hard. I too fight the same few pounds all the time. Like you I have very little wiggle room in my diet. If I choose to splurge I know that I will have to be extra careful for the next week to make up for that splurge.

    Many people are judgmental because they aren't willing to do the work. The work does make me tired but I like being tired in a size 6 or 8 instead of tired in a size 18! Keep it up!!!

  4. My thoughts and feelings have more been my general feelings as of lately. This is not one person I can pinpoint, or one thing that happened that made me feel this way. This is what I have noticed over the last 6 months. Its a sad thing to come to realize that people feel this way, not just about me, but about anyone at all.
    This is HARD SHIT, maintaining weight loss is just as hard as losing, if not harder.
    Anyone that says otherwise is lying. lol

  5. Im so glad you brought that up, as you know I gained mine back and beating myself up for it, as well part of it was not sticking with it, part was several medical issues that made it even easier to gain the weight back, Everytime I see you I am excited for you and Im not giving up on myself. Im almost to a point where I can get to the gym again but Im also looking at surgery too..... Im not giving up though I told you a few months ago.... why not fit at fifty.... and Im still working on that too. there are people who wait for the fail and I can only guess that if they see u stumble maybe it justifies their struggle I dont know, as sad as it is its in all aspects of life.. Tami, you are an inspiration to those of us that struggle too. so feel confident i the fact that for everyone of those people waiting for you to fall 10 more of us a cheering you on and aspiring to succeed like you!

  6. You go girl. It is sad that some people just want to see us fail. But together we will win. thank you for all your encouragement. I have lost 73lbs in 11 months but still have a ways to go....