Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dont worry about the numbers

That is something I hear all the time when talking about the scale. People tell me ALL the time, its just a number, it doesn't mean anything ( this is what people say to you when you are obsessing over staying at a certain weight ) . They say, don't worry about the scale, its how your clothes fit, and how you feel. But here is MY thing. Its about how the clothes fit?? Cause guess what? The clothes number means just as much to me as the number on the scale. Fitting in and staying in a size 6 is what I had aimed for , heck, I wouldn't even mind being a size 4 all the time. Granted there are some size 4's that fit, BUT there are also some styles that 6's are tight and I need an 8. and that should be just fine with me coming where I came from. But its not. And guess what, I wont by those pants that I would need an 8 in. I just wont. Cause its all about the number.
Its always been about the number, all day long numbers dictate my , OUR life. Calories in, Calories out , counting what you eat, ( numbers ) weighing your food ( numbers) watching how many carbs , how much fat, how much protein is in everything you eat ( numbers numbers numbers). 2400 ( mg) is how much sodium you should have in a day, well not to exceed that much, NO MATTER how much you eat, you shouldn't exceed 2400 mg of sodium. Have you seen the amount of sodium that is in deli meat? No? take a peek next time your in the kitchen. You will be shocked.

How can I not worry about the numbers, when its ALL About the numbers. It always will be for me, cause I am not ever going back to where I was. I wont freak if my scale goes above 145, ( 150 is a different story, lol) I will forever be a scale lover, it will always be my guide. Yes the clothes thing is also a very good guide, but I like my scale, it has been my enemy and my partner in my journey, and finally my friend for the first time in my whole life. I am not ending my relationship with my scale, I dont care what you say.

IT will always be all about some number , and it really is OK


  1. Yes! So many times, I've read about people who gained their weight back and so many times they had stopped weighing themselves because they didn't want to be "a slave to the scale." I love your candor. I love that you are also still logging your food and still exercising. You are my inspiration through good times and slow times!

  2. i so agree. that scale is honest with you. i won't tell you it's ok, it won't tell you tomorrow you can do better. it's up front and reveals the whole story of what you ate. i had an ah-ha moment last night. now this morning DH wants to go out for breakfast. i have decided one loaded veggie egg white omelet and some fruit, and whole wheat toast. it's buffet.