Friday, December 17, 2010

its been a while

since I blogged . It is a busy time, and whenever I 'plan' blog time into my day, something comes up and snatches it away. I know its the time of year, ( I have been busy making a few gifts) and shopping, and working, and working out, and now teaching, its all sucking up my time. I have a few things to report :

Two upcoming speaking engagements, One January 6th, and the other Jan 12. Both are at churches, ladies womans group.

then I have a date for a TV interview, with New Day NorthWest! January 11th! So excited!! You can email if your local for tickets, they have a live studio! I know of a few people that have already sent in for tickets, you can too!

Anyway, its all been keeping me busy, but I wanted to post a couple of tips to get you thru these last two weeks of the year.

1. Going to a party, ( or two)? eat healthy options before you go, then while you are there, choose your thing to indulge on first, then snack on healthy things ,and stay away from the food table. Visit with friends and family in a different room. Not sure if there will be healthy options at your party? Then bring your own, Your hostess will love it!

2. its OK to indulge, Even I do it. But its never something that is spur of the moment. Its all very planned. Lets face it, you cant indulge without having a plan. What is that saying? " if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." So TRUE!!! SO that being said, If your planning a special dinner, or dessert, plan it into your calories, and plan a good high calorie burn before it. ( Its always better to do it before, then you dont feel so bad about indulging) if you do these two things, you will feel ok about it .

3. Think about it, Do you really really want to eat/drink that? think about what your putting into your body, know what is in it , ( did you know a Venti salted caramel hot chocolate has 560 calories?) Know what is in the food you eat/drink!!! knowledge is power! never forget that!

thats all for now!! enjoy your holiday season!!!

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