Wednesday, January 13, 2010


They are an interesting bunch, and this past year I have really learned how a pretty lady ( yes I just called myself pretty) can make them act. IT can make them act like total gentleman, and total teenage boys, complete with whistles and yelling things out the car window.

The obvious would be the gentleman type, They smile and say hello when I pass them on the street, The hold doors open for me, When the rare one does come into the nook, they start up conversations with me. The waiters always have a more flirtatious way about them with me. Granted this isnt every man I come in contact with thru out the day, but it is for sure the majority of them.

The one time that stands out about them yelling things out the window as they passed was a time that I was crossing the parking lot, and a man in a truck slowed down whistled and said " WOW, HOT" . I smiled and kept going, but I took his compliment as it was and I believed him. Now not 1 hour before when I left the house, Scott basically said the same thing, ( his was more like, " You look Yummy") and I just said yea, thanks. But when this complete stranger yells it out of his car window, I am happy for the night. Why is that?

A part of me gets a little mad at these men that are so nice to me nowadays, these are the same men , ( well not the same, but you know what I mean) that a year ago , wouldnt give me the time of day. I am the same person inside, My feelings are the same, but all they see is the outside and a pretty girl they want to smile at. I Wish we could be judged on what is the on the inside, and not by what is on the outside.

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