Monday, March 19, 2012

more details of my 32 days

I have gotten some questions on how I felt, what exactly did I mean about "no sugar" , did it mean fruit too? ECT...

 So first off, how did I feel ? I felt so good! I think the first weekend of no wine  was the hardest.(  I always looked forward to the glass or two at the end of the week to unwind ) so it was a little odd to sit around the house and not have that. So the first weekend instead of drinking, I did my nails, that was a great time killer :) drank lots and lots of water too!
 As far as the no sugar, ehh, I didn't miss it. I did  looked forward to eating it again , dont get me wrong, but I didn't miss it . I didn't crave it,  I just knew I wanted it again . lol

And as for the 32 days of workouts. Well it wasnt too far off from what  I normally do, and  there were times I was tired,  and there were times  I didnt want to go, but on those days I was lucky enough to have made a gym date with a friend, or I just got my ass there myself  and once I was there, I was good. I am also in the middle of training for The Big Climb, ( which is on this Sunday) so  I always knew I could go  climb some stairs !

So what did  I mean about no sugar? well it started with no added sugar, no cookies, cake, candy, crap sugar was what I meant. the last two weeks of the challenge the only fruit I ate was some berries in my cereal, so I pretty much cut out all fruit. I was eating about 20 grams of sugar a day, and that was just the bits of sugar that you would find in the daily food. my calories came from 35% carbs, 35% proteins, 30% fat. I worked very hard at getting my fat intake up. I was not eating much at all,  and again, Alec told me I should up that. ( I am sure you are wondering why I am listening so much to what Alec is saying, so he is going to school to be a dietician, and also he is almost ready to take his ACE personal training certification exam, and he also is an assistant manager at the Vitamin Shoppe, ) so needless to say , he eats, breathes and sleeps fitness and nutrition, a good person to have in my corner to say the least. :)   I didnt eat carbs after 2 or if I did, it was less than 10 after and it was just some veggies or sometimes a slice of wheat bread with almond butter for my dinner after the gym .

  So I think that was basically it,  I felt amazing, and I will for sure do it again, Starting April  2nd is my plan :) the no alcohol was what I thought would be the hardest and it wasnt so so bad :) 

 Have a healthy and fit day!

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