Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a week its been .

So much emotion has gone on within me in the last week, And so much more to come in the next 5 days I am sure.
I hit my goal weight on Monday, ( what a great way to start the week!) I am actually below by 1/2 a pound. I didnt even really get to process the whole hitting my goal thing cause I had to go to work, and everytime I thought about it , I started to cry, and was ruining my makeup so I had to stop thinking about it. Still havent had time to really think about it . I want to though, I really want to spend some time on the thought.
But I have had all this other stuff going on, getting ready for the Today show. that has been taking up all my spare thoughts . :) Today I had to go up to the local NBC station here in Seattle , KING 5, and record my track. this is the little bit that you will hear in the beginning of my story when you also get to see All my lovely before pictures. I was concerned that I wouldnt get through it without crying , but it was no problem , I think cause I read it so much to Emily, the producer, My co-worker and my hairdresser, that by the time I read it in the sound booth I was fine ( plus the half of anti anxiety pill that my DR gave me couldnt have hurt.) lol So It was fine, I was fine.
Then I went over to my friend Dena Brandt's house, she is a national director for Cookie Lee, and she helped me pick out some jewelry for the show, How Fun was THAT?? !!
And tonight , as I type this, I am about 1 hour away from teaching my first Boot Camp class at the gym. Am I nervous about that? yes, I think I really am. I wouldnt be too upset if it was a small group for the first night. :)
So thats about it, two more work days till the weekend, I have a few little errands to run around and do on SAT, but not too much, trying to keep it a quiet day. I leave Early Sunday morning with Maegan for NY. Excited doesnt BEGIN to describe how I am feeling .

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