Friday, November 19, 2010

New York City Recap

OK , A recap of the trip. I am just going to go from start to finish, more for myself to remember it all, if at any time you are bored with my details, then feel free to stop reading :)
Flight was leaving at 9:10 am, so I woke up at 4:45, alarm was going off at 5 , with Scott and I leaving at 6:30 , but I woke up so excited I couldn't go back to sleep, so I stayed up. Which was good, cause when we walked out the door at 6:30 I was still putting stuff in my bag, lol ( almost forgot my flat iron).
Scott dropped me off at the airport with a giant hug and lots of good lucks. Maegan got there right after me, we made our way through security and we boarded the very full plane ( not seated near one another) and we were off to New York City! I sat between two very nice men, one was going to NY for a fellowship interview for sports medicine, and the other was going to pitch his company to GUESS stores. not too shabby. I tried to study for my Cycle Cert, but the excitement of what was about to happen took over and I couldn't focus to save my life. When we landed Maegan and I were both in need of some major caffeine. It may have only been 2:30 in the afternoon to us , but we had been up forever and had gone way too long without our coffee. So we stopped at the first coffee bar there was, Java Moon. It was out first coffee in NY.

We made our way down to baggage claim to find our lovely driver waiting for us.

He even had the sign, loved it! He took us to our hotel where were freshened up and then made our way out to Rockefeller Plaza. OMGosh it was so amazing to see this place up close! There were skaters at the ice rink, and the Christmas tree had gone up the Friday before. you couldn't really see it cause it had the scaffolding all around it so they could put lights on , but you could still see it and get an understanding of how grand it would be.
We chatted with some of the local hotties ( NYPD) and asked them where I would go in the morning, ( there were 3 different buildings that said 'NBC' on them), Then we were off to dinner at Del Friscos. It was, the YUMMIEST meal I have had in a very long time. I had Filet Mignon, a baked potato and garlic broccoli yummy yum yum!. We also shared a half bottle of wine . We did not get dessert at Del Friscos because we had already had plans to head to Serendipity 3 for some frozen hot chocolate.
We went back to our hotel, only to have to run out again for something, we needed a drugstore, and got into a taxi, which took us to Walgreens in Time Square, Maegan wanted the taxi to wait for us, but we didnt have it wait, which was probably a good thing, cause the Walgreens was 3 stories high, and what we needed was , of course, on the top floor. We then walked around Time square a bit, took my picture with a couple of the local hotties, and then we went back to the hotel. The hotel was out of fans, and anyone who has ever slept with me knows I need to have a fan when I sleep, or SOME SORT of sound. So Maegan had an app for that! we listened to beach sounds on her iphone all night long, very nice to have something to fall asleep to. 6:30 came way too fast, I can tell you that.
( Not posting pics in post anymore, if you scroll up to the post above this one, you will find a link to the album)
6:30 AM of the Big DAY!! showered and got ready, I was not doing my makeup cause I was getting hair and makeup done at TODAY. I did kind of do my hair, only cause I did not want to walk around with that un done too. (It was bad enough that I was walking around without make up ).
WE went up and had some breakfast in the hotel , and then we walked over to the studio. We went to the wrong building first, but found where we were to go for real . We checked in with the person with the clipboard, and then we were taken to the green room ( which, by the way, is NOT GREEN). No sooner had I sat down and started looking around to see who was in the Green room with us that I was called to go to hair and makeup.
They took us downstairs to hair and makeup, and I gave the wardrobe men my clothes ( which they took out and steamed them and hung them up )
Hair and Makeup! I loved the hair guy, very nice and talked to me. While I was in the chair, Joy joined me in the chair next to me, it was so fun! She did say that she didnt want KAthie Lee to know who I was , cause they like the reaction from Kathie Lee and Hoda be a real one, so she said if she didnt talk to me, that was why. Kathie lees dressing room was right behind my chair , we saw her come in and go into her room, she said hi to everyone and went to look at the outfits she had hanging in her dressing room.

When I was finished Maegan and I went out to the sitting area of hair and makeup and sat and talked a bit, we talked about how I needed more eye makeup, lol, but wasnt sure how to ask for it. In the meantime, the red headed boy from Harry Poter came in with a bunch of people. Joy came over and we chatted about what they could ask me, and talked about the food that she picked to use . The it was time to get dressed! Was I nervous?? I was getting there, but I still had things under control. At one point a blurb of my upcoming story came on and it was odd to see the pictures that came up, Joy asked me if I had seen the clip that they put together with my pictures and my story, I had not, and said I didnt want to see it till after the show. She completely understood. I didnt want to cry, I just wanted to get through the whole show without crying, I could cry later when I Was home alone watching it .
I got dressed, then Joy took me upstairs to the studio to show me what it looked like, where I would stand ( on the "T") and we talked about the food again. it was strange though , cause when I was in there the cameras were in one place, and when I came out the door on stage, they were then all pointing at me, it was very different. :) Then we left the stage and she took me out in the hall, where she then asked someone if they could place me in a room, cause Kathie Lee and Hoda would be walking past me, and again , they didnt want them to see me. So they placed me in an office, as I Was in there looking around , I realized I was in Al's office! there were pictures of his son, and some other personal things laying about to make me realize where I was. As soon as it clicked im my head that I was in there, They came and got me. Bummer.

I was then with another gal, and we stood outside of the door that I was going to walk through. There was a man who was going to open the door for me , and the lady that I Was talking to. I could hear my voice being played ,and again , didnt want to hear that ,so she and I talked. Next thing I knew she said " he would open the door in 15 seconds". Then I could hear Hoda say " Lets meet Tami " and blur... it was all a blur... The door opened, I walked out, ( missed my mark, lol) and then I talked to them and it was over. lol. Hoda asked me about Jillians Book and I didnt think that she would, so I was taken by surprise when she did . All the questions that Joy thought they would ask, they didnt ask any of them, I was totally taken by surprise with the questions. When I was talking I saw the camera man do a rolling thing with his hands, so I quickly finished what I was saying and stopped talking. I dont know if it was for me that he was rolling to, but I stopped talking just in case he was talking to me.
Then Hoda and Kathie Lee talked to me for a bit and then they were off to their next segment. Joy and I took some pictures then we went back downstairs to where Maegan was and we were done. We said our goodbyes and thank you's, and took some more pictures and Maegan and I were off.
We quickly went back to our hotel, changed our clothes, and packed things up, We had a LOT to see and not much time to do it in!

( more to come later )

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